Brazilian laws in English. Laws, codes, decrees and other Brazilian legislative documents, in English.

Years of translation industry experience have created a unique level of knowledge in every area of translation, from creating texts in various languages to legal and technical translation, including the most complex of documents for the financial sector. Furthermore, we offer a wide ranging experience in translating for the health and healthcare industries. All of our experience is at your disposal in practically any area, sector or industry.

All of our translators and native and are qualified or highly experienced in a specific area of translation expertise. This means that an engineering, medical or legal translation process involves selecting the most experienced and qualified staff in this subject area to carry out your translation, be it a single translator or a team for major projects.

We know that each document from every client is very important, if not critical. This is why you will be dealing with a specific project manager, or PM. They will be responsible for the process of survey into requirements and implementing special requests; but above all, your project manager will guarantee project delivery on time. Your PM will also be your personal contact point so that you can take advantage of all Fastrad Translations solutions.

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Fastrad Translations is the copyright holder for all translations it produces, especially the laws, codes and general legislation available through its website or other channels.


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